Oproer brewery was founded early 2016 by Bart-Jan Hoeijmakers and Mark Strooker and is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Oproer brewery came about when two breweries from Utrecht, Rooie Dop and RUIG, merged. These two breweries already exported to 30+ countries and were founded in 2012. Now Oproer beers are becoming more and more nationally and internationally available.

Sustainability, respect for the environment and animals and Do-It-Yourself attitude are important values to us. We put our creativity into brewing beers that we want to drink ourselves and hope to inspire others to do the same. Oproer often collaborates with other brewers, for example Oersoep, Van Moll, Brew By Numbers (UK), Buxton (UK), Gigantic (USA), Hair Of The Dog (USA), Deschutes (USA), Breakside (USA), Base Camp (USA), Little Beast (USA), Lompoc (USA) and Fat Heads (USA).

To keep up with demand we have built a 21 BBL (25hl) brewing system about 10 minutes drive from the pub.
We also contract brew for some of our friends. In our small brewing kit we brew experimental beers, including the Lab Series, experimenting with wild yeasts, bacteria and fruit.

We were already exporting to the United States of America, but we didn’t like the impact it had on the environment. That’s why we are currently producing our core beers in Oregon with the help of our friends  from Lompoc.

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