Craft beer bar

Our brewpub serves of course the Oproer beers. Beers brewed in our big production brewery, but also beers that are brewed in the brewpub brewing installation exclusively for our own bar. Besides our own beers, we have a selection of beers from other craft breweries on tap. We also have a gluten-free IPA from Jopen – Hop Zij Met Ons. Check out our beer selection below.

Next to beer, we have a wide range of other beverages. We stock locally produced organic juices (Schulp, Wostok, Nuturfrisk, ThijsTea), ciders, wines and various soft drinks (Fritz), gin/jenever (Staffhorst) and organic fair chain coffee (Moyee). We also offer chocolate from an Utrecht based chocolate maker Mesjokke.

We want to inspire our visitors with what we do. Oproer is an independent, Do It Yourself place where sustainability and respect for environment, humans and animal are values important for us.

At Oproer not only the beer and food are constantly evolving, but also the place itself. We made use of recycled materials from the brewery, like pallets and empty containers, to build the brewpub and restaurant interior.

We want to be a meeting place that is accessible to everyone and connected to the neighborhood. Our audience is very diverse and we hope to see you also soon in our brewpub and restaurant.