The Oproer restaurant started as an encounter between the brewers and our chefs with the common goal of creating an exciting taste experience. Combining craft beers and quality food.

Our chefs Mari Pitkänen (left) and Martina Bovini

Our chefs Mari Pitkänen (left) and Martina Bovini

As Oproer’s beers are constantly evolving so is our food. Every month we create a new menu. Our chefs have a passion for creative cooking, exploring and combining tastes and styles in unexpected ways.

Our ingredients are organic out of care and concern for how our food is grown. They are also plant-based for the benefit of the environment and animals and a desire to create a conscious approach to how we eat together.

Food preparation for us is a process that starts from the basic ingredients. That’s why we collaborate with De Brakkerij, a bakery that restores and restyles the often forgotten link between the making of bread and beer. De Brakkerij creates every month new breads for our restaurant using the spent grains of Oproer’s brewing processes.

Our commitment to support local and sustainable business is our reason to choose De Korenmaat, an organic store in Zeist, as our ingredients supplier. De Korenmaat collaborates with local farmers to source our seasonal vegetables.

We are proud to offer food made with creativity, care and a conscious approach to the ingredients used.

Some people of the Oproer crew