Oproer brewery was founded early 2016 by Bart-Jan Hoeijmakers and Mark Strooker and is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Oproer brewery came about when two breweries from Utrecht, Rooie Dop (2012) and RUIG (2013), merged. These two breweries already exported to 30+ countries and were founded in 2012. Now Oproer beers are becoming more and more nationally and internationally available.

Sustainability, respect for the environment and animals and Do-It-Yourself attitude are important values to us. We put our creativity into brewing beers that we want to drink ourselves and hope to inspire others to do the same.

What we brew
Oproer cares about good, balanced, flavorful beers. We like hops, barrel aging and also experiment with wild yeast, bacteria and fruit.
We brew our beer in Utrecht in our production brewery (20 BBL, 25hl) about 10 minutes drive from the pub.

You can find a list of our current beers on Untappd. In total we made about 200 different beers altogether.

RUIG: Oproer’s limited barrel series
Very special is RUIG, the bottled barrel-aged sour beer range by Oproer: the quirky little sibling that definitely deserves a stage of its own.
RUIG means mixed fermentation beer, fermented and/or aged in barrels. Sometimes a blend, sometimes fruited, always outspoken.

Oproer often collaborates with other brewers, for example Oersoep, Van Moll, Het Brouwdok, Ramses, Oedipus, Frontaal, Brew By Numbers (UK), Buxton (UK), Gigantic (USA), Hair Of The Dog (USA), Deschutes (USA), Breakside (USA), Base Camp (USA), Little Beast (USA), Lompoc (USA), Freigeist (GER) and Fat Heads (USA).

Local heroes
We also like to experiment and collaborate with local heroes who share the same passion as we do. We made beers for example with: Karel V, Goesting, Louis Hartlooper Complex and Springhaver Theater in Utrecht.

We are proud of our labels. They are made by Robèrt Guérain.

Buy our beer!
Want to buy our beer for your business or be a reseller? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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